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56″ T1036 BMGXR2


Powered Rotating BMG built with Hardox® Wear Plate!

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Built for the stronger Midi-Loaders!

Made in the USA!

Ditch Witch with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)
Ditch Witch
Toro with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)
Vermeer with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)
Bobcat with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)
Schaffer 2430 SLT with BMGX2 Grapple
Giant 254T with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)
Avant with a Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)

The Original BMG built with Hardox® Wear Plate

The original mini-grapple by Branch Manager™ with Hardox® wear plate in the body and arms.

Using Hardox® wear plate instead of our standard Grade 60 increases the strength by up to three times while also providing superior abrasion resistance.


Mounts onto all mini-loaders, coming fully assembled & ready to go to work. Speed up your forwarding operations with the BMG!

Same large 56" opening with a light weight of 350 lbs.

Turn the grapple with powered rotation instead of your machine, saving wear & tear on both your customers' lawns & your machine!


Knock around free rotation models also available!


Built with the same great features of the original BMG

Oil Diverter

4-hose models are available for machines with 2 auxiliary hydraulic circuits.

The rotator function is achieved via the electric oil diverter. When energized, it switches the oil flow to the rotator instead of the grapple. No messing with levers! Branch Manager™ rotating grapples include an electric kit to wire into your machine.

3" Rope Bollard for you to easily capture the rope mid-line for lifting or directing in tree operations

If you're wondering why I say the bollard is rated for 200 lbs, it's because I don't know how strong your machine is. It scares me that tree guys would try to tie off a 4000 lb limb for a machine that weighs 2000 lbs.
Branch Manager BMG Grapple Trailer Hitch Receiver Chipper Bubble Small

Handy receiver hitch to move a chipper or anything!

Don't forget to hook the safety chain on your equipment to the safety chain slot
BMGXR2 with a long log

Carry your brush and logs out long instead of wide, get bigger pieces through tighter accesses. Turn the grapple not your machine, less wear and tear on lawns & your machine.

Feeds a chipper better than ANY "bucket" style grapple "Once you feed a chipper with our grapple you'll never want to go back to a bucket style grapple"

BMG Feeding a Chipper
Branch Manager BMG Grapple Chipper Trailer Hitch Receiver Bubble Large

Quick install trailer hitch to move your chipper, trailer, anything!

Schaffer 2430 SLT With BMGX2 Bypass Log Grapple

Larger Logs, Fewer Trips

Additional information

Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 31 × 34 in
Loader Type (Hitch Plate)

Mini-Universal, Avant, Bobcat MT, MultiOne, Full Sized Universal