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Hose Routing

Your new T1001 or T1031 Branch Manager Grapple has two hose routing configuration options. Your new option is the configuration shown on the left which allows you to run the hoses inside the hanger and through the large hose slot in the saw scabbards.

We have also kept the feature that allows you to run the hoses in the original BMG configuration by crossing the hoses within the triangle opening under the rope bollards.

We ship these grapples with 56 inches of hose from the couplers to the back of the hanger and use spiral wrap to secure them together. If you reconfigure your hoses to the original BMG method please cut 4-8” of the spiral wrap and use it to secure both hoses together where they cross in the triangle opening.

Hose Routing
Hose Routing

Mini Grapple Hanger Modular Hose
Routing Diagram Brochure