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QC Mate Coupler Clamp


Hydraulic Coupler “Connect Under Pressure” Hand Clamp!

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Stop Fighting Your Hydraulic Couplers!

 A common problem when using any quick-connect hydraulic coupler is that line pressure can build up, making connecting the couplers nearly impossible. 

The XBoom Coupler® QC-Mate™ quickly and safely solves that problem.

The QC-Mate™ uses special shaped clamp jaws (13-ga steel tubing with large structural side gussets) that mount to a ratcheting hand clamp, providing powerful 600 lb clamping force.

The QC-Mate "Connect Under Pressure Hand Clamp" works wherever and whenever you need to re-attach auxiliary hydraulic lines.

The QC-Mate™ works great for almost any attachment on a Utility Tractor, Skid Steer Loader, Track Loader, Mini-Skid Steer, Mini-excavator, Midi excavator, or full size excavator!

The XBoom Coupler® QC Mate™ incorporates special shaped "Clamp Jaws" that mount to the ratcheting bar clamp. The Clamp Jaws that Branch Manager Attachments stocks accommodate the common 1/2-in-NPT is compatible with all standard Flat-Face Hydraulic Couplers and Ag Style Hydraulic Couplers at that size. In conjunction with the ratcheting bar clamp it's a compact, slim, cost-effective, and easy to use connection device with very high clamping forces!

Additional sizes of the QC Mate™ are available directly from XBoom Coupler®!