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BMG Rake


Cleanup is faster. Sweeps grass, streets, and pushes snow.

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Made in the USA!

Cleanup is faster and it doesn’t damage lawns. Sweeps streets and pushes snow. Fits the Branch Manager Grapple!

Branch Manager BMG Grapple Rake

 Designed for professional Tree Care companies that want to save hours on removal cleanups.


Great for sweeping up stump chips, rakings, pine needles, rocks, or anything you'd rake by hand.

The rake contains over 1700 Spring Steel tines that are virtually indestructible.

Easy to store on your equipment trailer.


No need to disconnect your hydraulic hoses to use. The Branch Manager Grapple grabs the rake and hooks into the hanger!

Width: 18”

Weight: 130 lbs.

Overall Length: 6 Feet

Durable powder coat paint