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56″ T1001 BMG 3-Point


The Original BMG for your tractor!

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Mounts onto 3-Point tractors, coming fully assembled & ready to go to work. Stop hurting your back & use the BMG3PT!

360° Universal Swivel Mount knock around rotation means less skidding on lawns and streets, saving wear & tear on both your customers' lawns & your machine

Large 56" opening, lightweight @ 210lbs, returns to center via simplistic hose push-back system

Carry your brush and logs out long instead of wide, get bigger pieces through tighter accesses. Turn the grapple not your machine, less wear and tear on lawns & your machine.

You know when you're driving your machine & you have no place to put your saw? Branch Manager™ solves this by giving you dual saw scabbards, built with UHS industrial plastic to safely transport your saws without dulling the teeth.

"A tree guy said 'Hey, when I'm hauling logs & brush I'll damage the saw!' Sheesh, really?! The scabbards are only meant for transporting your saws, do not have saws in there when you're using the grapple!"

3" Rope Bollard for you to easily capture the rope mid-line for lifting or directing in tree operations

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Weight 210 lbs