Branch Manager Grapple BMG
56″ T1001 BMG

The first, original, Mini-Grapple for Mini-Loaders!

$3,529.93$3,636.93 Select options
56″ T1010 BMGR

Powered Rotating Bypass Mini-Grapple

$5,134.93$5,241.93 Select options
56″ T1031 BMGX2

The Original BMG built with Hardox® Wear Plate!

$4,278.93$4,492.93 Select options
BMGXR2 Bypass Log Grapple With Hardox Steel for Mid Sized Mini Machines
56″ T1036 BMGXR2

Powered Rotating BMG built with Hardox® Wear Plate!

$5,669.93$5,883.93 Select options
53″ T4000 HD

Full-Sized Grapple

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Branch Manager HD Log Grapple For Skid Steers & Wheel Loaders
53″ T4010 HDR

Full-Sized Grapple

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53″ T4040 EX

Log Grapple for 3-6 Ton Excavators

$6,418.93$7,274.93 Select options
50″ T5000 CEO

Full-Sized 50″ Powered Rotating Grapple

Swedish quality, forestry proven.

$9,093.93$14,976.79 Select options
60″ T6000 BOSS

Full-Sized 55″ – 60″ Powered Rotating Grapple

Take control of your site and Be A Boss

$10,163.93$17,651.79 Select options
Branch Manager 48" Bucket Logs Mulch Dirt
Branch Manager Mulch Bucket

48″ & 35″ Wide

Add this to your bucket list!

$961.93$1,550.43 Select options
38 Special Stump Grinder

America’s 1st 35HP Stump Grinding Attachment!

$13,908.93$14,657.93 Select options
Branch Manager Log Grapple for Tractors with 3 Point Hitch
56″ T1001 BMG 3-Point

The Original BMG for your tractor!

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